Livre Flash-Back

Tragic childhood, but extraordinary destiny as that of Serena Solomon.

At the age of 5, she sees for the first time her father just deceased, and will communicate with him.

Marked at an early age by this tragic event, Serena Salomon is going to show great strength of character and a great optimism to overcome all the hardships of her life.

Long in search of explanations concerning her, it was only very late that she was able to put words and thus explain her mediumship.

Discreet, reassuring and mysterious, Serena Salomon is now known for her feelings and the exceptional accuracy of her predictions.

Consulted by all types of people, his words and teachings are examples for many.

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Flash Back on a life of Medium

Flash Back on a life of Medium is an autobiographical novel by the famous medium Serena SALOMON
Paperback of 169 pages - Published in April 2017 - Available in French
ISBN: 979-10-97473-03-7
Published by SDB EDITIONS
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